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Largest Selection of Ilikai Condos in Waikiki!

Upcoming Work at Ilikai
Starting October, 2019 the Ilikai Association will be doing work on the loading dock area on the ground floor on the lagoon side of the building. This work will only be between the hours of 9am and 4pm M-F, no weekends or holidays. It is assumed they will not be working at all between Xmas and New Years. The work is slated to last a few months and there could be some jack hammering, so units on the lagoon side lower floors will be the most impacted if guests are not out and about during weekdays on their island adventures. Most guests are busy everyday exploring the island and will feel minimum impact if any. Owners have no control or liability over outside noise or work. Waikiki is never a quiet place, it's like a NY City on the beach and there is always construction on almost every street in Waikiki and all buildings in Waikiki have some type of construction or condos in the building being remodeled, its impossible to escape so we hope guests are not affected too much.

Ilikai is a 100% Legal Vacation Rental Resort
Many foreign forums have been discussing the new Hawaii law that has banned an estimated 10,000 illegal vacation rentals across Oahu that are outside of tourist resort areas like Waikiki. If you are thinking of renting some home or condo outside Waikiki you are recommended to contact Hawaii officials to make sure it is legal as it's a $1,000 fine for first offense and up to $10,000 fine for repeated offenses. That being said, that law has nothing to do with legal vacation rentals in Waikiki and other "Resort Areas" where tourists are meant to stay. The Ilikai and all units on this website are 100% legal, Ilikai is a famous Waikiki Condotel landmark for over 50 years and is meant to be for vacation transient rentals with no minimum stays. So book your condo online today and enjoy the best Waikiki has to offer.

WaikikiBeachRentals has the largest selection of Ilikai Condos
No need to search lots of websites or send hundreds of emails to owners and agents when we have the largest direct to owner Waikiki Ilikai condo rental listings in Waikiki all with live instant online booking.

Easy to Search
Just enter your dates, and criteria and it will show you instantly what is available your dates, no more emailing waiting for answers. No need to email for availability, if it shows, its available, just book it instantly online before someone else does.

Full Description, Pictures & Prices
Each privately owned Ilikai condo has full description, up to date real pictures along with all the amenities it comes with so you can easily see if that unit meets all of your needs.

No Surprises
WaikikiBeachRentals will only list properties from documented Ilikai condo owners or their licensed agents and who have secured all the necessary requirements to be listed on our website. Any Ilikai Condo that has negative legitimate feedback from guests that is not resolved by the condo owner will be removed from the website to protect you, the guest. Pictures are as current as possible however owners are always encouraged to update furniture or other items to keep the unit as fresh and modern as possible so some interior/exterior items maybe upgraded or changed before your actual arrival.

Book Instantly Online & Done
Found the Waikiki condo rental unit you want, just click on the book now button, enter your dates and it will show you the complete estimated costs for your booking and within 1 minute, you receive an email confirmation back from the condo owner or agent with all your check in information and you are ready for Hawaii. Hawaii State Tax rates can change at anytime, guests are responsible to always pay the current tax rate at time of payment regardless of tax rate quoted when booked.

No Checking in - Easy Key Coded Entry
All Waikiki condo rental units and Ilikai condos on our website have a special keypad lock system, as soon as you book, a secured condo door code is provided to you, and at check in time, your lock is activated with your code so no waiting in lines to get keys or keys to carry around and lose at the beach.

Safe and Secure
All listings on WaikikiBeachRentals are placed on the website by professional Hawaii real estate agents, property managers and/or condo owners directly. Please read the description and their rental agreement carefully for the property you are renting and any special terms and conditions that may apply.

Mahalo and have a great time in a beautiful Ilikai Condo Rental.

The Ilikai is located at 1777 Ala Moana Blvd., Waikiki, HI 96815

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Your rental agreement will be direct with the owner of the unit that you rent. Terms and conditions of your rental agreement, including any amenities and services to be provided during your stay are set by the owner of the unit that you rent. Payments, including any deposits and refunds, are paid to, or received from, the owner of the unit that you rent. The Ilikai House Rules details all the rules and regulations of the main building. Neither WaikikiBeachRentals nor its owner, WB Rentals, LLC, a Hawaii limited liability company, is an agent of any owner or the property manager of any unit or property advertised on the WaikikiBeachRentals.com website, nor are either of them the manager or operator of the Ilikai Condos, Ilikai Apartment Building, Inc. condominium project or of any other property or project in which a unit listed on the WaikikiBeachRentals.com website is located.

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