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Registered Owners told about us:
"WaikikiBeachRentals is so far ahead of all the other so called companies in Waikiki its hard to believe, both in technology and professionalism. I went from under 50% occupancy and a dismal income of $1500 a month, to now with WBR I average over $5000 a month and over 93% occupied year long. You saved us WBR, thank you, you are the best!"
Michael C.

What It Costs with WaikikiBeachRentals?

To list your or your clients property on WBR is absolutely free.

Add your advertisements.

To add your properties, just send us an email with your property info and you will be contacted the very same day. In just one day, you can be listed and ready to start accepting bookings live online.

Merchant Services.

If you don't have a merchant account to accept credit cards, we can help you set one up and be approved in just 3-4 days at rates as low as 1.88%.

Licensing fees.

WBR does charge a licensing fee to utilize our software technology and to list your property. You are only charged when you receive a confirmed payment and booking. There are special discounted fees for real estate agents and property managers and very low rates for property owners.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services.

WaikikiBeachRentals.com can coordinate with your choice of cleaning and maintenance company. Cleaning and maintenance can be programmed right into our websites so that check in and check out cleaning services and maintenance are all updated and schedules produced automatically so they all proceed seamlessly without delays.

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